To complement and finish out your workbench or cabinet, we have a number of options to choose from, whether it be an upgraded top, drawer dividers, or locks. See below for our range of options available to you.

Stainless steel or extra thick tops

If you need an extra heavy duty top or extra corrosion resistance, we’ve got you covered. We have ³⁄₁₆” and ¼” regular steel, and 11 gauge stainless steel tops available on request.

Drawer Liners

⅛” rubber drawer liners to protect the bottom of the drawer and also provides some sound deadening. They also keep your tools from sliding around when opening or closing the drawers!

Drawer Dividers

Adjustable drawer dividers for the 4″ drawers and up. These are laser cut galvanized steel pieces with slots so you can size the compartments to your liking.

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Wheel Kits

Wheels are optional on our 4 foot and 6 foot workbenches and welding tables. Perfect if you need a mobile workstation! Two of the wheels are fixed and the other two wheels swivel.

Locking System

If you need to lock your workbench or cabinet, we can outfit your unit with locks. Operates with a simple handle which locks all of the drawers at once. If you only need a few of the drawers to lock, we can accommodate that as well.

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Sky Blue

Sapphire Blue

Light Grey
Charcoal Grey
Satin Black

Standard Colours

Available in multiple colours: red, sky blue, sapphire blue, light grey, charcoal grey, green, yellow, and satin black.

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